Slash V Clary Fray


Slash V Steel Smoke X Slash V Creole Key 
red merle female whelped August 2009 OFA Good

Clary is from a favorite cross I have made, and is currently my house dog.  She is the most protective of the dogs I own at this time but sweet and gentle with my cat and small dog and with the only child she knows.  I chose her to live in my house and to guard us all.  Her grandmother (Whitney) was my heart dog for many years so I have a piece of her close to me.  Clary did not see cattle, although she did work some goats, until she was nearly three, but one look at them and she knew just what to do.  She heels low and will grip on the face and works silent.

Slash V Lycan Fudge


Slash V Shining Tide x Slash V Sweet N Whicket 
Red merle female whelped October 2010 OFA Good

Our Tide x Whicket cross has produced some wonderful dogs and Fudge was our choice to keep from that cross.  She has the type and the look of our old dogs (kind of a “Fudge” look), and a great personality along with that working ability they must have.  This cross that produced her put good things from both parents into the offspring – as it should be.  Fudge produced several outstanding litters sired to Titan which was one of those magic crosses.

Slash V Shining Tide
ASCA Hall of Fame Sire
WTCH Slash V Slide Me Six x Slash V Patch Pocket
Red bi male, whelped 2006, OFA AS 24447G25M-NOPI  20½” 49#

Tide is very close to our ideal of a working cattle dog.  Absolutely silent, calm and deliberate, heels real low, grips on the face although prefers the heels, and will grip a front leg if it seems appropriate to him.  He does not work with a lot of eye but has the deliberate approach of a dog with eye.  He rates his stock and will stay off of them unless it becomes necessary to grip.  Steve chose him from half a dozen puppies in his litter for no reason other than he had the least white and he would look at you without moving his head – eye contact.  His mother, Pocket, was a littermate to Solo who needs no introduction to the Aussie world, and there are similarities between the uncle and nephew.  Probably the biggest difference is that Tide prefers the heels. He likes people and easy to live with.

Tide Spring 2016 at ten
Tide Spring 2016 at ten
Tide Spring 2016 at ten
Tide Spring 2016 at ten

Over the years he has produced many wonderful working dogs, several great agility dogs including Slash V Too Hot To Handle “Torch) who is on my News page and whose accomplishment would take an entire page to list.  Others of his offspring are also on the News Page and excel in the Stockdog trials and on farms and ranches as well as in Search and Rescue.  He has made a wonderful cross onto our daughters of Slash V Steel Smoke.


Hardin's Tennessee Titan

Hardin’s \V Chickasaw Chief x WTCH Ce-Me Hardin’s Black Magic Woman RTDsc 

Red bi male, whelped 2007, 20½" 50#, OFA AS 26209E32M-NOPI

We purchased Titan summer of 2012 and he was being worked on a ranch on cattle and had already produced quality offspring. After working him we planned to use him as an outcross although he does have some Slash V dogs on the top side of his pedigree.  Since then we have found that he has helped to preserve the type of dogs we are striving for.  He has produced some outstanding working dogs particularly crossed on Tide daughters and with Smokey’s sister, Whicket. Titan has never been formally trained or trialed but his littermate sister, Finesse, won the 2011 USDAA Agility Grand Prix – no small accomplishment!


Slash V Smoke Thief  “Draki”

Slash V Steel Smoke X Slash V Creole Key

Blue Merle Female whelped July 2011

17 ½” 34#  OFA AS 30594E26F-NOPI

Draki is my only Smokey daughter and has always been a favorite.  I love the way she looks and her personality.  She is “my type” of female, works silent and admittedly has only worked in the pasture so I am short on photos of her working.   I have worked her sister more but she is retired and is my house dog (Clary).  Draki has produced some amazing puppies, all four colors and all sired by Tide.  I have kept one of her daughters, Slash V Shining Siren “Selkie”.   Draki’s sister is very guardy (that is one reason she is my house dog) but Draki pretty much likes everyone except when she has puppies and then she turns her guard dog personality on.  Draki was my choice to keep from her mom’s last litter.


H Cross Short Round


Slash V Rocky’s High Man “Dually” X Slash V Fast Time “Chili”

Black Bi Female whelped Feb 2011  OFA AS 30016F24F-NOPI 19 ½” 43#

Sugar was bred by Bob Henderson of the H Cross and is from a wonderful cross he made from two Slash V dogs.  Dually and Chilli not only produced Sugar but many other full siblings to her who are outstanding farm and ranch dogs.  I was so impressed when I got her on a trade from Bob that he only made because she was so closely related to all he had.  I knew how good she worked, but had not seen her in person – she is gorgeous and correct in every way.  As a stockdog she works both heads and heels and has a great work ethic.  For me she has produced two sons who I kept a half ownership in, Slash V Smoking gun and Slash V Double Tap (Cutter and Deuce).  Her offspring have it all – looks, ability, and great personalities.

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