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We have a waiting list of people who have put down a deposit to reserve a place on the list.  For this reason, when a litter arrives it is usually a couple of weeks before I know if there will be any puppies available for people who have not reserved one.

Check on puppies in fall/winter
or contact me about the waitlist
Read about what to expect from a Slash V puppy 
and for some photos of puppies from past litters.
CONTACT US for details about reserving a puppy from a future litter 

Registration/Papers for Slash V Dogs

Slash V dogs are ASCA registered only.  Buyers will be required to sign an agreement that their Slash V dog will not be registered with the AKC.  The only exception will be registration with the AKC under their ILP Program AFTER the dog is spayed or neutered and they have allowed me to change their ASCA registration papers to "not for breeding".  Their dog will also not be registered with any registry as another breed (Example: Miniature Australian Shepherd or North American Shepherd). 

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