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News and Happenings at Slash V

Hall of Fame Sire


(WTCH Slash V Slide Me Six x Slash V Patch Pocket)   Tide went into the Hall of Fame as a Sire in the fall of 2017.  Thanks to all who competed in Stockdog Trials and Agility Trials with Tide sons and daughters.  Another thanks to those of you who have his offspring as farm and ranch dogs, companions, and competition dogs still competing or who have competed but not been counted in this accomplishment.  He has made his mark on the Slash V bloodline and on the breed.  He is now retired, but he and his kids live on here at the Slash V and across the country.

Hall of Fame Dam


(Slash V Steel Smoke x Slash V Third Charm) Fall of 2017 brought Star into the spotlight as a Hall of Fame Dam.  Her sons and daughters who earned this for her were sired by both Tide and Titan.  Sadly we lost Star not long before this accomplishment, but as Steve once told me when I was worrying about getting a title …the dogs don’t care.  She was much loved to the end.   Star was Heather Winn’s very special companion and she and Steve’s little red headed Justyn’s first dog. Thanks to those of you who have loved in the past and present the special qualities Star gave to her puppies.

Hall of Fame Sire


(Slash V Skipa Star x Slash V Bittersweet Frosting) May of 2018 and my Heart Dog who I lost just before his 15th birthday. Smokey sired three WTCH’s, a conformation Champion, and an ATCH  (who happens to be Star’s sister).  Many of his daughters were Tide’s mates and put Tide into the Hall of Fame.   So if there was such a thing, Smokey would be a Hall of Fam grandsire! Not only was Smokey my Heart Dog, but so was his mother during her time with me, and his grandmother before her was to me the greatest Aussie I have ever owned. A Smokey daughter shares my home as guardian and much loved companion. This one is personally special to me even though they all have a place in my heart.


(Slash V Steel Smoke x H Cross Short Round)  May of 2018 was when Cutter finished his WTCH which was the last score that put his sire, Smokey, into the Hall of Fame.  Cutter’s story is on my current dog page, or a short version of it, but he was a reject dog of sorts that I got back when he was going to be given away. My heartfelt thanks to Russ Ford whose efforts to train and trial this strong, out of control, cow dog came full round when Cutter earned his advanced title on cattle..  Thanks to Ray Fryar who took Cutter for two weeks work on sheep, and then he and Russ both trialed him to

his advanced titles on sheep and ducks.  Cutter never saw a duck except in a trial so once trained, he put it all together!  Thanks to them and thanks to Cutter for putting Smokey over the top and into the Hall of Fame!

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