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A Little Bit of History

There are those of us that remember what it was like to show a dog in cowboy hat and boots, and newer people in the breed that wouldn't dream of entering the ring in anything other than a skirt or a suit!  For those who were there, this page is intended to spark some memories.

For newer people, hopefully this page will give you a new perspective on the dogs you love...and help you to understand better the dogs in your pedigrees, the people who created them, and the activities we all enjoy in ASCA. 

And of course, some photos are just there for fun!

Working Dogs in the Show Ring

Ch Copper Canyon Caligari with Erin George

Windsong Raisin Cain ATDscd with Linda King

CASA Memorial Day Specialty 1978

Winner of Stud Dog Class CH Jones' Reddy Teddy CDX OTD

Ruff N Reddy Tinker Toy with Barb Nielsen, Ted with Cathy, CH Ruff N Reddy Mity Mohammad with Pattie Ennen, Slash V Semi Sweet OTDcd STDs with Terry Martin

Windsong Silver Anniversary with Lois George

Buster Brown Shoe puppy with Terry Martin

CASA Memorial Day Specialty 1976


Winners Dog Class

Jones' Reddy Teddy with Cathy Jones  (from open red), Slash V Buckeye Bobby with Terry Martin (from open red merle, RWD)

CH Colorado Clay and sire CH Slash V Buckeye Bobby with Clay's owners Joe (ASCA Stock Dog Judge) and Jonna Cole of Talkook Kennels.  Photo taken in the seventies

CASA Specialty Show in early seventies.  Leslie Sorensen (Colorado Kennels) with Sorensen's Gunsmoke and Ernie Hartnagle (Las Rocosa) with Hartnagle's Hud.

WTCH CH Windsong's Raisin Cain CD whelped 1976

CH Copper Canyon's Caligari CD x WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong, Owned by Rick Dill, Texas

We did all show dogs back in those days!  And yes, that is Kathy Warren showing a dog she bred and trained who was later sold to and finished by Rick Dill.  And how about the show photo below of Rick and Cain in the breed ring with Linda Wilson and Bonzo (Fieldmaster's Three Ring Circus)? 

Working dogs with CH's did compete against "famous" show dogs!  Have you noticed all the CH's on these working dogs and their parents?  They weren't just winning against each other either.  Those days had serious show kennels too including the likes of Fieldmaster, Tri-Ivory, Coppertone, and Sand Canyon. 

WTCH Windsong's Hurrah Cain owned and shown by Chris Timmons - he went Winners Dog that day in Beaumont, TX. back in the early 80's.

Slash V Steel Curtain STDcs with Chris Timmons at Brownfield, TX show

So what is ASCA Stock Dog Judge, Chris Timmons, doing showing a dog in conformation?  We all used to do this!  Some of these guys were even pretty good at it.  Chris's traveling buddy, Rick Dill, showed his WTCH CH Windsong's Raisin Cain CD to both his WTCH and his CH and were showing the same time as I showed Steeler.  This was in the early eighties.  Steve was showing and trialing his CH Brushwood Buckeye Charm CD ATDsd OTDc STDh in the same era.  That was the time when we "did it all with the same dogs"- before progress I suppose you could say.  I didn't go to Brownfield but sent Steeler with my friend Joyce Reaves who conned Chris into this event, not telling him Steeler was terrified of thunder - which was going on at the time!  But it wasn't the first or only time Chris did this.  He put some conformation points on his own WTCH Windsong's Hurrah Cain CD too!

CH Copper Canyon's Caligari CD "Jimmie" whelped 1973

George's Red Rustler x Quaglino's Miss Pooh

Owned by Lois George, San Luis Obispo, CA

This photo is Jimmie as most people saw him - winning in the breed ring.  I remember watching him go Winners Dog at the Nationals in Kansas City and just being amazed at the effortless way he covered ground.  Lois leased Miss Pooh for several litters until one time when she called her owner, Jimmie Caligari, and was told that he couldn't spare her from the ranch any more so he had her spayed!  Jimmie's littermate sister, CH Hoyt's Wildwood Flower, produced several really nice litters for me bred to Tim Tim - including CH Slash V Wild Timber.  Jimmie is also the sire of WTCH CH Windsong's Raisin Cain CD from a mating to WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong.

CH Copper Canyon's Caligari CD "Jimmie" doing a job not many people saw him do.  Jimmie was a rough heeler and a tough cattle dog and those who saw him work realized the contribution he would make to working bloodlines.  Rough as he could be on cattle, my son Scott worked him in a rainstorm in Kansas City when Lois's daughter, Erin, backed out of the duck trial.  Scott was about ten or twelve and had no problem controlling this easy going dog.

CH Jones' Reddy Teddy CDX OTDscd whelped 1973


Piz's Little Joe x Davies Ginger Red 

Ted was proudly owned, trained and loved by Cathy Jean Jones, Ft Collins, Colorado.  When Ted came on the scene a dark solid red dog was a rarity.  Ted had been chasing the neighbor's cows and Cathy, recognizing what a powerful dog he was, decided he must be trained.  And trained he was!  She trained him on ducks because that was all she had and then trialed him on all three classes of stock.  He soon became known as "the aggressive low heeler" but his keen fetching style and eye on sheep and ducks showed there was more to this dog than just a heeling dog.  His love of Cathy and protective nature caused numerous problems when he growled at judges in conformation and during the stand for examination in obedience.  Still he earned his Championship and CDX with some bumps along the way.  His aggression caused some people to shy away from him (literally and in breeding!) but we did not have a problem with his offspring and he was an important sire of the seventies.  Cathy and her Ted were part of the seventies and Cathy served the breed in another way as an ASCA President.

Can you imagine a time when "dog people" didn't have crates?  At least crates were a luxury and uncommon.  Airline crates were made of wood and you couldn't buy one unless you shipped a dog.  Wire crates were terribly expensive.  But the dogs went anyway!  Campers were popular with the dogs all loose inside - anxiously waiting to bail out!  Dogs who rode loose in the back of the truck were much better trained to stay put!  These are Black Powder dogs belonging to James & Joyce Reaves in the late seventies or early eighties.

The Black Powder dogs

The very talented get of Ch Slash V Little Rock CD and Reaves Stubbette K ADcd, STDs

A bloodline can be created with one element - a great bitch.  Incredible luck or skill comes into it if a stud dog is chosen who proves to be a great "nick" with her.  James & Joyce Reaves had that great bitch and found that great nick with their Black Powder's Reaves Stubbette K ATDcd STDs crossed  to Gene Dahly's CH Slash V Little Rock CD.  When the Reaves 

Reaves Stubbette K AtDcd, STDs

drove to Oklahoma in 1975 to pick up their little black male puppy named "Stub" from K Bar and his wife Glenna they got a surprise.  At the last minute the puppy rolled over and Stub was a Stubbette!  SHE came to Texas with them anyway.

Stubbette was a successful trial dog from the early ASCA trials and into the 80's.  Her offspring from Little Rock are pictured below along with her own dam.  She is also the dog pictured with James at the beginning of this history section.  This special cross inherited Stubbette's beautiful quiet low heeling style with some eye from her and Little Rock (who did not show it but produced it).  They had something we all strive for - consistency.  

If you have descendants of Hall of Fame dam, Slash V Cherry Cola, her sire Toby was one of these dogs.

Barr's Queenie

Black Powder Toby ATDsd STDc

Black Powder Frosted Legacy STDc, whelped 1983

 Black Powder Calamity Jane STDcd, whelped 1978

Black Powder Kizzy Stub CD ATDc OTDsd whelped 1978 (photo taken when Kizzy was 11 or 12 yrs old)

Black Powder Lil Rockette OTDc, whelped 1982

Black Powder Ida Red

Kizzy and her mom, Stubbette

WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong CDX whelped 1973

Twin Oaks Paiute x Twin Oaks Swaps CDX

Owned by Kathy Warren (Windsong) , California

Boardman’s Jubilee CD OTDc whelped 1974

CH Christiansen’s Kye CD x Johnson’s Posey (Martin’s Tim Tim daughter)

Owned by Gene & Pat Boardman (Artillery Way), Utah

CH Colorado’s Applejack of Mini Acre CD CWDcs whelped 1975

CH Slash V Little Rock CD x CH Sorensen’s Cherry Brandy OTDc

Owned by Penny Scott

CH Incense Cedar of Cheshire UD ATDd OTDs STDc whelped 1976

Higgins Pinkie x Higgins Red Dog

owner Dr. Katrin Henrichs PhD DVM

Texas Sand Shur Bette OTDd STDcs whelped 1983

WTCH CH Windsong’s Raisin Cain CD x Black Powder Kizzy Stub CD ATDc OTDsc

Owned by Joel Finch (Tex Star), Texas

WTCH Casa Buena Uptown Girl “Lucy” whelped 1985

CH Powder River City Slicker ATDsd OTDc (Little Rock son) x Ch Casa Buena Calico Cowgirl

Owned by Jeanne Weaver (Casa Buena), Michigan

left: CH Twin Oaks Cactus Bud CD whelped 1970

Heard's Cactus of Flintridge x Klarer's Little Echo

rt: Twin Oaks Swaps CDX whelped 1970

Farrington's Buster Ivory x Klarer's Dog Brush

owned by Twin Oaks - photos sent to me in the seventies

CH Twin Oaks Cactus Bud CD whelped 1970

Heard's Cactus of Flintridge x Klarer's Little Echo

Owned by Twin Oaks

CH Slash V Easy Jet CD STDcsd whelped 1976

CH Jones' Reddy Teddy CDX OTDcsd x CH Nielsen's Holly II

Owned by Doug & Linda Bailey, Washington

WTCH Windsong's Shenanigan CD whelped 1975

King's K Troy CWDc x WTCH Twin Oaks Windsong CDX

Owner Kathy Warren, California

Ch Christiansen's Kye CD owned by Renn & Shiree Christiansen (Brushwood)

Salt Lake City, Utah, whelped 1969

Martin's Skeeter (not the Skeeter in my story) x Martin's Kelly II

Kye is the only dog here who is a descendant of my original Aussies who were his paternal grandparents.  A city dog, Kye's only experience with livestock was at a few trials where he showed his deliberate eye, strength on the head, and that he was a low heeler.  He was a true versatile Aussie and family dog.

A Pioneer From the Past!

Ken Claussen (left) was Mini Acres Aussies.  If you had a Mini Acre dog in your pedigrees, you can bet it worked cattle.  Ken was an early ASCA Stock Dog judge and on the early Stock Dog Committee in the seventies.  He was involved with registered Angus cattle and had no use for a dog who could not work them.  Ken has been gone since the nineties when he lost his battle with cancer, but the contribution he made to the breed remains.  I don't know who the other guy is but understand this was at a trial in Mississippi where this guy showed up and beat everyone.

Judd's Chickasaw Dan's progeny, approx 1993

Slash V Easy Goer STDc with Steve Winn,

WTCH Chickasaw Power Max with Rick Hardin, WTCH Lookaway Luke and Judd’s Chickasaw Crackerjack OTDs STDc with Joey Judd.

1986 at Palestine TX of Ticki’s (Slash V Semi Sweet) pups.

Left to Right: Terry (the dog) & Barb Hager, Slip & Red Oliver, Rowdy & Steve Winn, Candy & Tony Rohne, Autumn & Crystal Jones, Sam & Russ Ford.

Yellow Rose Futurity - Texas 1990

(standing) Polly Hamilton/Hearthstone's Onie Cain, Dana MacKenzie/Oliver's Jamie, Chris Timmons/judge, Larry Teaff / Choctaw Runnin Bear of Caltex, Russ Ford/judge, Roger Moore/Cutter's Hill Bounce, Tony Rohne/Cutter's Hill Jody.  

(front) Red Oliver/Oliver's Chino & Sakonnet Royal, Bruce Nelson & daughters/Oliver's Crimson Ruby & Right Cross Dartanion.

1998 Cattle Dog Futurity, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

These 18 people and 17 dogs came from Nebraska to Louisiana just to work cattle!  It was not only a Futurity, but the only "Cattle Only" ASCA Sanctioned trial to ever fill the 40 dog limit with Aussies Only!

Can you identify these ASCA Stock Dog Judges from the 80's?!

Bill Herbert, Oby Blanchard, Jeanne Weaver, Ernie Hartnagle, Jeanne Joy Hartnagle, Tony Rohne, Red Oliver, Jim Foster, Chris Timmons, Dick Sorensen.  Get them all?

Memorial Day Specialty Show and Working Trial at Ft. Collins, Colorado

This show was a big event of each year in the seventies.  Pictured here is a Jr. Handling class and in the middle is "Scottie" Martin and Slash V Wild Timber.  Timber was by Martin's Tim Tim and out of a littermate to Copper Canyon Caligari (CH Hoyt's Wildwood Flower) and later sold to Leslie Sorensen (Colorado Kennels) to become CH Slash V Wild Timber. 

Historic Photo from the 60's or 70's of the "original" Flintridge dogs: 

Front: Salt ;  left to right: Savor, Cactus, The Scottsman "Scotty", Allspice,  Clover (sired by Sisler's John).

Jim Foster, former ASCA Stock Dog Judge, with his CH Powder River City Slicker ATDsd OTDc STDh (Little Rock son) and CH Colorado's Ravishing Ruby CDX ATDsd STDc, photo in late seventies.

Nielsen's WW Troy 10-1  whelped 70's

CH Butler's War Chief Joseph x Butler's Kandi

Owned by Barb Hager, Washington

WW Krystal Blue 4-2   whelped late 60's

Sisler's John x Butler's Pepper

Owned by Wally Butler, Idaho

WTCH Parrish's Illusion CD  whelped 1980

CH Slash V Easy Jet CD STDcsd x Parrish's Possum ATDd OTDs STDc

Owned by Marti Parrish, Washington

Moreland's Old Charter whelped 1974

Penn's Jim x Penn's Tuffy

Old Sisler bred dog

 Sire of Moreland's Case of Old Charter ATDsd OTDc

Owned by Harry & "Cookie" Moreland, Texas

Taylor's Luke The Drifter CDX whelped 1971

Wood's Stubby x Bjork's Chula

Owned by Jean Taylor, New Mexico

Silverledge Charlie Russell

whelped 1982

Taylor's Luke The Drifter CDX x Colorado's Am I Blue (sire CH Slash V Wild Timber)

Owned by Jean Taylor, New Mexico

Taylor's Whiskey  whelped 60's

Mansker's Turk x Mansker's Ana Lee -- Owned by Joe Taylor, Moab, Utah

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