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Rocky Doing Chores:  Photo Essay

For those who do not currently use a dog to help with livestock management, it might be difficult to picture HOW a dog might be useful.  This page is intended to illustrate specific examples of how a dog can be a "right hand man."  While looking at the photos below, try to imagine what you would have to do to accomplish the very same job that the dog has done.  Imagine how many people you would need and the risks and time involved in the job.  More photo series soon to come!

First things first:  Rocky is sent to get the heifers and bring them into the corral.  He runs out into the pasture and peels them off the fence and gets them headed in the right direction.

A couple of the heifers want to try to turn away as they are approaching the entrance to the corral.  Rocky quickly adjusts himself to block them from running off, and pushes them into the entrance of the corral. 

Now in the corral, it's time to push the heifers into the loading chute and into the trailer.  The heifers are much  more reluctant to get into the narrow space and try to turn back more than once.  Rocky is right there, putting himself in just the right spot to keep them from succeeding (and also willing and ready to provide force and push to keep them moving in the right direction). 

Almost into the trailer, it is necessary to keep forward motion going and Rocky doesn't mind heeling a few times to make sure they "go with the flow."

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