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Isa Rusted Steel



Slash V Shining Tide X McKays Hart Isa Blue​

Blue Merle Male w/copper & white, eyes brown

​Whelped 8/23/15  21 ½” 54#  OFA AS 35098F24M-NOPI

Steel is a pick of litter puppy I kept to get a Tide son who would be a partial outcross on all of our other dogs.  He is from the second litter of this cross and after watching two of his older siblings on cattle for their first time, I decided to keep a puppy from Steel’s litter and he was the choice.  He has  met the criteria for a breeding dog with his fun personality, excellent structure and athletic ability, and the very important fact that he went to cattle from an early age. 

He handles both ends and has a strong instinct to keep his stock together.  He has no training and probably will not since I do not trial any more and just have access to cattle to test my dog’s instincts.   I am going to include a brief video I took of one of his very earliest exposures to cattle.  I merely stood there and took the video and watched to see what he would do on his own.  So far so good.


Slash V Danger Zone


Young’s Cow Dog X Slash V Sweet N Whicket

Red Bi Male whelped 2007 19 ½”  OFA AS 32573G92M-NOPI

Owned by Randy Martin

Maverick is my son’s family dog and one of my favorite dogs ever.  He has only seen cattle once although he has several siblings who are real world cow dogs including my Sugar’s mom, Slash V Fast Time.  The day Randy brought him out to work cattle some years ago, Maverick walked into the corral and told us, “I’m a cow dog!”.  Strong, silent, and did all the right things with some replacement heifers belonging to a neighbor who raises bucking bulls.  They were wild and had never been worked with a dog before.  I only took two pictures much to my regret but will post them here.

Maverick was never bred until 2015 and since has produced some top quality cow dogs.  He grew up in a soccer family and  you can not kick a soccer ball past him.  He is one of those “almost human” kind of dogs.


Cutter has a story behind him.  I sold him as a puppy to someone out of state.  I was contacted by somone concerned who told me that his owner was giving him away.  Long story short, she got him back for me which was a  good thing for the dog.   To say Cutter went to cattle the first time he saw them here is an understatement.  He is a strong silent worker who was totally out of control but doing so many nice things, and other than no control, doing nothing wrong.  He never barks, heels low, and totally comfortable to grip on the head.  I’d say he is easily the kind of dog who would work from before daylight until after dark and never ever quit.  These good things also have not helped making him into a trial dog and who knows what his experiences were in his “former life”. 

Slash V Steel Smoke X H Cross Short Round “Sugar”​

Red Bi Male whelped 9/18/13   20”  OFA AS 34371G40M-NOPI

WTCH Slash V ​Smoking Gun


Cutter is, as of June 2018, a Working Trial Champion.  Thanks to Russ for offering to trial him – and give Cutter a very happy life.  Cutter made the transition without blinking an eye so he has a very stable temperament.  He is from Smokey’s next to last litter which makes him a special guy.  He is a littermate brother to my granddaughter’s Slash V Remington Steele.

Kidd’s Red Ryder STDcs


Red Merle Male whelped 1/13/17 eyes amber

20 1/2"   OFA AS-36859G24M-NOPI      Eyes cleared, Feb. 2019


I purchased Kid from Randy Kidd when looking for a red merle male for an outcross.  Obviously that influenced my name for him and it was also influenced by the fact our first great cow dog was called Kid.  I also named him after my first BB Gun since a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun is so many “kids” first rifle.

My friend Ray Fryar offered to take him and see what he would do on sheep to give me some idea of his desire and instinct.  I went to watch him two weeks later and got these pictures.  Very impressive concentration, control, sense of group.  I liked everything I saw!  I have liked his personality from when I got him at 9 weeks old, and so far he is proving to be a keeper.  I need the outcross so hope he will be that for me.


Slash V Double Tap


Cut’n Loose Ain’t No Bull x H Cross Short Round “


Blue merle male whelped 2/22/16

blue w/brown eyes

21”  OFA AS-36029E26M – NOPI


Deuce was bred by Slash V but is co-owned with Bob Henderson of H Cross and lives at the H Cross in Canyon, TX (  He was my pick to keep back out of Sugar’s 3rdlitter and has turned out to be just what I had hoped when I chose to breed to Bull.  He has been on cattle from a young age and will grip both ends and has the fancy trait of heeling a front leg when it appears to be the best way to get something going where he wants it.  I’ve only seen a few dogs who will do this, Tide being one of them although Tide is not in Deuce’s pedigree.  Kind of cool!  Since I have not seen Deuce in person I am going to photos and reports but am excited by what I am hearing.  Although we are both in Texas, Deuce is 9 – 10 hours from me.  Glad I have good photos of him to share with  you

Slash V Scottish Bonnet


Slash V Shining Tide X Slash V Remington Steele


Blue merle female whelped 6/11/17

21”  52#  OFA# AS-27518G24F-NOPI

I borrowed my granddaughter’s Remi to breed to Tide and decided to keep a daughter as he is turning 12.  My “keeper” turned out to be almost a carbon copy of her ¾ sister Selkie except for the color of her eyes.  They even both have a black right front leg.  Bonnet has a unique black marking across her head and on her ears and thus her name.  She is good on cattle and has proven to be a grown up keeper and not just a prospect.  She is from Tide’s last litter and her mom has produced many outstanding dogs by Maverick so I have high hopes for her future.

Slash V Remington Steele

Slash V Steel Smoke x H Cross Short Round

Blue merle female whelped 9/18/13 OFA  AS 33668G32F-NOPI 18”

Remi is my granddaughter, Reagan’s personal companion and was her pick from the first litter out of Smokey and Sugar.  She is a littermate to Cutter.  She is on my website because she has continued the Slash V legacy with her wonderful litters out of Maverick and Tide.  I kind of borrowed her for that Tide litter and you can see my keeper on the Prospects page (Slash V Scottish Bonnet)  Remi has not been on stock which has become irrelevant considering the talent of her offspring by two different sires.  They have gone to cattle at a young age and proven their ability, some stronger on heads and some more drawn to heels. 

Slash V Mig On My Six 



Slash V Danger Zone X Aggieland’s Texas Hope

Red Tri Female whelped 11/4/15  

20”  OFA AS 35693F26F – NOPI

dogs2018apr27mig (4) copy

Mig is a real laid back dog to live with and a little reserved with strangers.  She gets along with other dogs and has that “look you in the eye’ thing that I like about her sire, Maverick.  Her mother, who I leased for the litter she was in, is a hard hitting cow dog, tough on heads and heels.  I like a real correct athletic dog, and she is very well put together.  Mig has had limited exposure to cattle but goes right to them, has a good sense of group.  It seems like she will be a little stronger on heads than heels but time may change that.  Her pedigree has some of my favorite old dogs in it and also some dogs that belonged to others and that I admired.  She has both Smokey and whicket back there but some other outcrosses.  I am looking forward to seeing what she will add to future Slash V dogs.

Slash V Shining Siren “Selkie”


Slash V Shining Tide X Slash V Smoke Thief

Blue Merle Female whelped 2/23/16 blue eyes

19 ½”   OFA AS-35933F25F-NOPI


Selkie is from the second litter out of Tide and Draki and after seeing how the first litter was turning out I decided to keep a merle female especially since Tide was getting older and Draki is my last Smokey daughter.  She has turned out to be beautiful and has really good conformation, beautiful face even with the blue eyes I don’t like and so many people love, starting on cattle very nice.  At first I thought she would prefer the heels but she seems to go to both ends pretty readily.  She has had limited exposure to cattle but works quiet and has a lot of drive.  She has a very confident personality, comfortable with people.  I love her mother and she is a little bigger version with more substance to her and a different ear set which also gives her a different look than Draki.  No one sees them who does not realize they are mother and daughter though!

Slash V One Sweet Catch


Hardin’s Tennessee Titan x Slash V Sweet N Whicket

Black Bi Female whelped 7/12/13

OFA#AS-33364G31F-NOPI 17


I have wished I had kept Savvy for several years and especially since I lost her mom, Whicket.  She has had two litters by Deuce for the H Cross, and I got two of the girls, Tavi and Rein.  Due to Savvy starting to roam and Tavi’s obsession to work (and I really don’t have the regular work for a dog), Bob and I made a trade, partly to benefit both Savvy and Tavi and partly for our own benefit.  So now I have this beautiful little fancy working black girl and also have her daughter, Rein.  Like her mom, she is definitely one of the “sweet” dogs.

H Cross Twice the Savvy



Rocking F Ring of Firecash x Slash V One Sweet Catch “Savvy”

Black bi Female whelped July 18, 2017

18” OFA# AS-37721F26F-NOPI

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