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Up & Coming Prospects

Slash V Bonny Lass


Slash V Danger Zone “Maverick” X Slash V One Sweet Catch “Savvy”

Red bi female whelped 3/7/2020

This was Maverick’s last litter and Bonny is a very special little girl.  She is a half sister to Mig on one side and a half sister to Tavi on the other and I like the idea of having another Savvy daughter.  Bonny has moved to live with Maverick and his family (at this writing, Mav just had his 14th birthday).  

Bonny 11-21-2021 1.jpg
Bonny 11-21-2021 2.jpg

Bonny is an awesome blend of her two parents and surprisingly looks like her grandsire, Titan.  Good combinations!


Slash V Fudge VI

Kidd’s Red Ryder “Kid” X Slash V Scottish Bonnet

Red merle female whelped 10/2/2020  Still a Puppy

She is literally my sixth Fudge and they have all been special starting with Red Fudge in 1971.  All but one  have been red merles and just had the “look” and the talent I want.  

Fudge 11-21-2021.jpg
Fudge 11-21-2021  2.jpg

Slash V Pie In The Skies


Kidd’s Red Ryder X Slash V Scottish Bonnet

Red Merle Female whelped 6/20/21

Pie 2 7.2.22.jpg
Pie 1 7.2.22.jpg

Slash V Shade of Aggieland

Shade of aggieland

Aggielands Jake Tandem S STDc X Slash V Sweet Smoke

Blue Merle Female whelped 8/8/21

Shade 7.2.2022.jpg
Shade 2 7.2.2022.jpg
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