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Slash V One Gun



WTCH Slash V Smoking Gun “Cutter” X Slash V Smoke N Fire “Fancy” (full sister to Selkie)

Red Merle Male whelped  5/1/2020 21” Too young to OFA

I raised the litter ouf of Fancy for her owners and Reiner was my choice to keep. As of this writing he has not been on stock but will be soon.  He is a good temperament smart pup with very nice conformation so have high hopes for him.  More photos to come.

Slash V Bonny Lass


Slash V Danger Zone “Maverick” X Slash V One Sweet Catch “Savvy”

Red bi female whelped 3/7/2020

This was Maverick’s last litter and Bonny is a very special little girl.  She has not seen stock yet but will before long.  She is a half sister to Mig on one side and a half sister to Tavi on the other and I like the idea of having another Savvy daughter.  I really need to get some better pictures of her but could not resist posting this one of her with Kid.  She is a moving target to photograph.

Lyrical Spirit of Aggieland


WTCH Aggieland’s Rocky Top X Slash V Sweet Smoke “Briar”

Blue merle female whelped 8/7/2020  Photos at 5 and 6 mo of age

Leri is from a very special litter bringing forward some old deceased and great dogs.  Her grandsire was whelped in 1981 (WTCH Slash V Spirit of Aggieland) and her sire was conceived from frozen semen and whelped in 2002.  Leri also was conceived from frozen semen from Rocky.  On the bottom side of her pedigree, her grandsire is Hall of Fame sire Slash V Steel Smoke also whelped in 2002.  Leri’s dam was from Smokey’s last litter.  So far she is gorgeous and her pedigree is priceless to me.

Slash V Fudge VI


Kidd’s Red Ryder “Kid” X Slash V Scottish Bonnet

Red merle female whelped 10/2/2020  Still a Puppy

She is literally my sixth Fudge and they have all been special starting with Red Fudge in 1971.  All but one  have been red merles and just had the “look” and the talent I want.  Right now she is pretty and cute so time will tell on all the rest of it.

Slash V Decka


Slash V Danger Zone X Slash V Remington Steele

Black Bi Female whelped 11/25/2019

Decka is from a cross that has produced many outstanding working dogs as well as companions.  Anxious to get her on stock.

Slash V Working Australian Shepherds

Terry Martin 



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