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The 2020s


Slash V One Sweet Catch

Hardin’s Tennessee Titan x Slash V Sweet N Whicket

Black Bi Female whelped 7/12/13

OFA#AS-33364G31F-NOPI 17

I sold Savvy as a puppy and wished later I had kept her.  She had two litters for the H Cross, and I got her daughter and look like, Tavi..  Due to Savvy starting to roam and Tavi’s obsession to work (and I really don’t have the regular work for a dog), Bob and I made a trade, partly to benefit both Savvy and Tavi and partly for our own benefit.  Later due to Tavi having the same desire to roam, now I have them both!  Bob said a while back something to the effect of, “The highest drive cattle dog I have had is now Terry’s house dog.”  Both true.  Savvy is a very very special part of my life now but show her cattle and she has to heel every one of them, turn them around, and them heel them again and then she comes back when called. I kept a daughter by Maverick out of what is probably her last litter.

savvy left side 3.22.jpg
savvy working.jpg
savvy 2.jpg

H Cross Twice the Savvy

Rocking F Ring of Firecash x Slash V One Sweet Catch “Savvy”

Black bi Female whelped July 18, 2017

18” OFA# AS-37721F26F-NOPI

Tavi is pretty much like her mom.  Black, tough, loves to work cattle, another “sweet dog” descended from Sweet N Innocent “Whicket.” A high drive dog working but easy to be around.  I am glad I got her back; she has come from H Cross to Slash V, back to H Cross and back here – to stay. None of that bothered her in the least.  Grips heads, heels, silent, sensible.  She is producing some really keen dogs bred to Deuce and to Kid.

Tavi Adult 1.jpg
Tavi Adult 2.jpg
Tavi Adult 4.jpg
Tavi A.jpg
Tavi B.jpg
Tavi C.jpg
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