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Slash V Third Charm "Seeney"
Red Merle Female OFA

Seeney has had the most training and exposure to stock of any of our present dogs and thus we know the most about her talents.  Due to Steve's work circumstances the last several years none of our dogs have been worked as much as we would like, but Seeney has had training on cattle when we were in Louisiana.  Steve feels she is the most talented dog we own right now.  I wouldn't argue.  She is unique in that she has a very distinct calm and deliberate manner around stock.  She has never barked and from the beginning would confront cattle and walk right up and bite one on the nose.  We feel a true test of a head dog is one who will walk flat footed up on standing stock.  Lots of dogs will run to turn around running stock but will not face the standing confrontation or calmly walk in to move stock out of a corner or tight pen.  Seeney preferred the head at first but easily learned to heel and heels low.  She has a lot of stock savvy, works with some eye, and rates her stock.  She has had very little work on sheep but showed a strong fetching instinct and a great ability to keep them together.  She is naturally a close worker but has had no training on sheep.  Definitely independent in that she doesn't seem to need or want a lot of praise or interaction with the handler.  She often appears not to be paying attention and then she does things right and you can see that she has been listening and learning all along!  She has had pups by Slash V Skipa Star and Slash V Andrews Redchickaspike and pups from both litters are working.  

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