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CH Jones' Reddy Teddy CDX OTDscd

This dark liver red dog had unusual coloring for the times and competed very successfully in all three of ASCA's programs.  As a stock dog he was a very aggressive low heeler on cattle but worked sheep and ducks with a lot of finesse and eye.  Ted was controversial and known to growl at judges or anyone who approached Cathy.  This trait did delay earning both his Championship and his CDX.  In spite of this, he was appreciataed by many as seen by the kennel names on his Champion get, nearly all of whom have stock dog titles to go with them:  Almostheaven Sweet Honesty, Colorado Brandy Bow, Slash V Easy Jet,  Powder River Tuffernhel, Kintyre Jet Stuart, and another three with Cathy's kennel name, Ruff N Reddy.

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