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WTCH Slash V Bittersweet

"Possum" Red Merle OFA

Possum's natural style was to be a head dog and she was silent, strong and aggressive but never lost sight of the group.  She was one of those dogs with a world of stock savvy and understanding of how much force was needed and when.  The exception to this was when she had to get in just one more bite just to show who was boss.  

She was difficult to work until she learned to heel but once she tried it a few times she was a very balanced worker.  She was a close worker, worked with some eye, especially on sheep and ducks and on the approach to standing cattle.  She never wanted to bite sheep but also didn't seem to have a lot of incentive to hurry to get around them so was not effective in large areas on sheep.  She was great to use in pens or when doctoring sheep. 

To date she is the best cattle dog we have ever owned and we like to think we have had some great ones over the years.  The fact some of those are behind her speaks to why she has been so special to us.  She did not like people but it was more of a "don't invade my space" thing than real aggression for no reason.  She has always been very laid back to live with and mellowed with age about humans.  When she was young if you wanted to work she would do it all day.  If not, resting all day was fine with her.  She is a once in a lifetime dog.  She is 19", was 32 pounds in working condition.

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