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Just for Fun!

Flying Side Gait...Pee Wee Style!

This photo was taken September 1, 2002 at the Eastex ASC show in College Station, TX.  Shelby is Jo Kimes 3 year old granddaughter and is showing in her first Pee Wee Jr. Handling class with 14 1/2 year old Decca (Slash V Executive Decision).  Talk about feet not touching the ground!

*photo by Mike Arnett

Slash V Shelby in her younger days.

...she won the Bluebonnet Futurity and almost has her WTCH, but as a young dog she had to work SOMETHING...

Please visit Shelby's page for more photos and to read her story.  Sorry, only larger livestock from now on!

Strange Bedfellows...Slash V meets Raccoon!

Grinning Dog and Grinning Kid

Buster BROWN Shoe and Randy Martin. 

See Buster BROWN Shoe's page for more about Randy's best friend.

A boy, an Aussie, and a quarter horse...what better combination!

Scott Martin, Tinker the QH, and Martini

(Above and below) Blake Martin and Rosie in 1998 and again in 2004.

Spike x Seeney this eye?

The very lovable Biscuit.

The Water Pan Puppy, also known as Slash V Steel Smoke.

Slash V Key to Success RD STDc at age 13 with a grandkid.

Newfoundland kitty in Texas watching Norm Andrews work his dogs in Nebraska

Some native born Texas cats have a more refined taste and prefer Westminster

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