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Slash V Easy Goer STDc

Easy Goer was an amazing puppy in that he would calmly fetch and work the sheep starting at 12 weeks and never get distracted or bored.  When he was about four months old Steve decided to see if he would fetch a rock out of water like his sire, Dan, would do.  If Joey threw a rock into the creek, Dan would stick his head under the water and retrieve that rock.  With a tub full of water, the experiment began and sure enough, Easy Goer dunked his head and retrieved the rock every time.  As a worker, Easy Goer was definitely loose eyed and did a lot of wearing when moving stock.  He was not a "direct approach" dog and was very effective in keeping the herd together.  He would head and heel on cattle but stronger on the heels.  Because we had his littermate sister and his dam we let him go to a farm home, and he met with an accident before he had time to make a real mark as a sire.   His offspring out of our Young Kate and Pik indicate the potential he could have had as a really significant sire. 

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