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WTCH Hangin' Tree Dude PATDsc RD RTDsc

Hall of Fame Sire

I helped tell Dude's story in the July-August 2002 issue of the Aussie Times, but when we first heard about him it was long before he had earned every ASCA Stockdog title available, become a Hall of Fame Sire and won awards at five National Specialties and National Finals.  We simply heard about a talented ranch dog from Barb Moe and from Rick Pinney.  Their opinions interested us enough to contact Dude's owner, Joni Swanke, see a video, and decide we would breed to this dog .  I first saw Dude at a National Specialty and although he did not score well on cattle that day, I watched him spend most of the time allotted dog breaking cattle who would not stay together.  To me, scores are meaningless, the dog is what matters.  I saw a dog that day with great stock savvy and understanding of the task at hand. He could handle both heads and heels, worked silently and deliberately and just was the picture of the typical good sensible working Aussie.  If he had earned no titles and won no trials, he would have been a dog worth breeding to.  Dude's record is part of the breed's history now, and the records of his get is making history now.

The 1998 Louisiana Cattle Futurity and Trial offered a non-sanctioned competition for the top five Advanced Dogs from the two days.  Dogs had to take 14 head out of an alley and work them through a course with the winner chosen on time and number of head completing each obstacle.  Winner WTCH Hangin' Tree Dude RD PATDcs RTDcs with Joni Swanke from North Dakota. 

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