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Slash V Slidin Five ATDd OTDcs


Rowdy was more than a dog, he was a friend.  He was Steve's dog more than mine and they had a bond that some dogs will make with the one who trains and works them.  They spent hours doing fun things with stock in a pasture, trying to round up ducks in the water who wouldn't come off the pond and just being friends.  I remember watching Rowdy actually taking directions as he swam after those ducks.  He loved water.  He was the prettiest heeler and would go down on one shoulder in a style of his own.  He would head and heel cattle and occasionally try to heel a sheep.  He worked all three kinds of stock much the same;  slowly and deliberately and loose eyed.  He loved to work and to work with Steve.  Yet he was so well trained he would work for anyone.  Some dogs are special because of their personality and some are special because they are so talented at what they do.  Some come along at times in your life where they play a major role.  Rowdy did all three for the brief two and a half years of his life. 

Rowdy was about 20 1/2" tall and 45 pounds.

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