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CH Slash V Buckeye Brick

owned by Wanda Jones

He loved to work.  In fact, in Louisiana, (some years back), everyone talked me into working him in started cattle.  I had never worked cattle before much less I did not know anything about cattle especially Louisiana cattle . 

Brick did what he was bred to do.  He was a little loud that night, but I think he was more worried about me staying out of the way of the cattle.  Anyway, he got a qualifying score and placed first in started cattle.  He really did it on his own with very little help from me.  

Gary used Brick when he wanted to catch or move the sheep at the old place.  Brick would take commands and knew when he was needed. When Gary would down him, and Gary would do something stupid with the sheep, Brick would look up at me and it seems like he would say "What the hell is he doing".   I would just laugh and tell him "good dog".  He was smarter than his owners.  Gary also used Brick to bring the sheep out of the pasture.  He would tell Brick to go get the sheep and he would bring them to Gary.  At times it was at a dead run, but he got them there.  I think with the proper training this dog could have done anything you asked of him.  He was that intelligent and wanted to do what you asked of him.

 His temperament was excellent.  All three of my kids used Brick in Showmanship.  Carla, Teresa and even Gary Waid used Brick.  Carla and Teresa were "all around Jr. handlers" of Texas at one time.   I know you wanted working, but I want you to know Brick was the first Aussie to win Best in Show at the Texas State 4-H dog show.  We had protesters back then saying he was not a pure bred dog, and was not registered with AKC, but the judged liked Brick and she did not change her choice.   I do have to tell you Carla trained Buck like a horse.  She could move her lead one way and he would move that foot which every way she wanted.   It was something to see. 

He was also protective.  One morning, (Gary worked at night back then) Gary forgot his keys to the front door.  It was a Saturday morning and Gary didn't want to wake everyone up.  He proceeds to climb in a window he found unlocked.  He  raised the window and by that time Brick was there raising holy hell and Gary yelling "it's me Buck, it me".  Anyway Buck stayed right there where he was until I came into the room.  He looked at me again with those big eyes and seem to say is it all right if I let this jerk in?  He didn't move until I said it's okay, boy.  When you were down and there were quite a few of those days back then, he always knew when I needed a little attention.  He would come and put his head in my lap and look into my eyes and just stare at me like he was trying to say something.  We sat there and cried together for a while many a time,  He always knew what I needed.  He was my buddy. 

I know you said short, but when it comes to this dog, I could go on all day.   These are just some of my memories of this dog.  I know if you asked everyone in my family about him they would have some entirely different memories of him.  He was a very special dog.

-Wanda Jones

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