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CH Slash V Frosted Fudge
Red Merle Male OFA

We did not ever work Frosty as he was sent to Barb to show and then was sold to J.T. Walters in Oklahoma.  His littermates and other full siblings were pretty much quiet workers, some strong heelers and some who were balanced on both ends.  They were mostly worked just on cattle.

CH Slash V Buckeye Brick
Red Merle Male OFA

Read more about Brick from his owner, Wanda Jones

Martini, Tinker (QH) and Scott

All three dogs are littermates

Slash V Martini of Chimney Hollow
Red Merle Bitch OFA

Martini was a silent worker and was worked exclusively by her owner, Scott, from the time he was about ten.  That means with no training!  She was silent, would grip heads and heels but seldom did, loose eyed and wide wearing.  She was totally confident and seemed to move cattle through sheer confidence.  She would get right in their face but never bark.  Thinking back I am sure she was very "right-handed" because if you had cattle on the fence going counter-clockwise she would drive all day.  If they got off, she ran to the head - but in those days we didn't understand that!  Scott just knew he had to keep the stock on that fence to run course A!  He is Scott now but he was Scottie then!  A devoted little dog she spent her life on Scottie's bed.  Every night when I put him to bed we would play a game and I would try to grab him.  Martini would jump between us and "almost" grab me.  I would shut her in another room if he needed discipline!  She was 18" tall

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